Hassle free car purchase online across India

Gone are the days when buying a pre-owned car was considered to be a downgrade in not only Bangalore but also the country. Studies suggest that for every new car on the road, a pre-owned car is bought.

According to a recent report by Google India and Mahindra First Choice Wheels Ltd it has been found that there has been an increase of 20 times in online searches for used cars in the last six years, which means a compounded annual growth rate of 54%. Clearly, the online space is a big reason behind increase in used car sales.

Where to buy?

There are a number of online portals available which sell pre owned cars online in the major metros in India including Bangalore. Many local dealers in Bangalore also have an online portal for ready access for the buyers and are facing tough competition from pre-existing online dealers.

Choose the best deal

Among the sea of online portals, choose one which caters to your needs and provides the best deals among them. The price of the car may vary across the different portals. So, depending on your requirements choose from the many options available and avail your choice of car.

Many online portals that sell used car in Bangalore online also provide assurance for the used car by doing various quality checks and making sure that the car is in perfect shape and that the repairs if any are done before the reselling.

Avail financing facility

Majority of these online portals that sell cars in Bangalore provide loan facility with easy EMI options and low rate of interest which much lower as compared to those provided by banks directly or local dealers. Thus, buying previously owned cars online proves to be a better alternative as against buying from a local dealer.