LH-Crypto by Larson&Holz – all you need to trade a crypto trader

Why is the selection of a reliable broker for novice traders so important? The answer is simple: a reliable broker provides the best conditions to his clients, and does not violate their rights. But where to find it. There are a lot of some incomprehensible rating agencies in the network that provide lists of broker companies that are not clear how. And the ratings, in fact, are not the same as they were before. Now, for a fee, you can bring the brokerage company to the first place. Therefore, we decided to choose the usual brokerage company, and understand how it works, and what offers its customers. Well, the brokerage company Larson&Holz. Judging by the name, the company is clearly not of Russian production. However, all brokerage companies are registered abroad. In Russia this segment is not so well developed. But, despite this, a whole network of partner centers of Larson&Holz operates on the territory of the Russian Federation. This is not surprising. The partner program of the company, involving the opening of entire representative offices operating under the auspices of Larson&Holz, is amazing. Moreover, the partner can open even his own company, with his name. But under the jurisdiction of Larson&Holz. This, first, removes many legal issues for the partner himself. After all, the company is registered by all rules from the legal point of view. Secondly, the company offers financial assistance when opening and promoting a partner company. Maybe this will seem strange, but who looks into financial issues will immediately understand that Larson&Holz not only helps. This is a kind of investment of the company in the partner company. No more.

Let’s say that Larson&Holz is interested in us. What’s next? And then we look, what else does the company offer us. Of course, any novice trader is interested in easy work, which brings a lot of money. But the more traders, the more brokerage houses open. Companies that opened a few years ago, we sweep right away. These offices have not yet passed the test of time. It may happen that a change in the market situation will lead to the closure of the company, which not only will not be able to support the work in the normal mode, but also pay its customers on the terms of work. Therefore, the longer the life of the company, the better. With a general list of companies that have been open since 2000, we chose Larson&Holz. The official date of the company’s opening is 2004. This is a long time for a brokerage company. Moreover, the company successfully passed the period of 2008 and 2009. Let me remind you, this is the period of the strongest crisis, which showed the whole consistency of the brokerage environment. Weak companies have left the arena. Strongest companies remained. With this nothing can be done, no one canceled the competition. After the crisis, the company updated the functionality, and earned all the power. Some services have undergone changes. Added new services, in which additional options are added periodically. But the essence of the work remained the same. All the best to the client. The company Larson&Holz did not even change its motto.

It’s time to review the trading accounts of Larson&Holz. Let’s start with the standard version.

Demo account. He has every broker, and it would be surprising if Larson&Holz did not offer it. This type of account is intended for trading with virtual money. The main purpose of this type of account, trading experience and testing of trading systems.

Standard account type – execution of orders instant. Minimum deposit, not less than 1 000 dollars. In fact, the company Larson & Holz does not force to enter this amount. A trader can enter as many as he likes. This is more the recommended deposit size. In principle, for trading in the Forex market, the recommended amount is optimal. Since trading at $ 100 on deposit, it’s not very much. Again, if the minimum deposit seems to be someone big money, there is an alternative option – no deposit trading account. We will consider it below.

The next type is Safe. Significantly improved trading account, the characteristic feature of which is zero swap and guaranteed market spreads. This type of account, with these features, is more suitable for traders who prefer long periods and long-term trading. After all, they have the advantage of zero swap. Well, also the ForexFamily program, the feature of which is the reduction of the commission to $ 1.

Trading account Start. The first thing that catches your eye is the lack of requotes, or slippage. If you understand, each broker has requotes, and it’s not entirely clear how the company guarantees their absence. Is that, the difference is simply eliminated requotes. But, at least, the company Larson&Holz asserts about their absence. This, in principle, is not bad, since requotes often close positions in the unprofitable zone. The minimum deposit is only $ 250. This, as they say, is closer to people. For start, most that.

And finally, no deposit trading account. We, why considered it as an alternative. Opening a no-deposit account, we receive a bonus of $ 100. Straight to the balance of the account. The time allotted to trade is 3 days. At the end of this period, the company picks up its $ 100, leaving the earned profit to the trader. If someone is not satisfied with the profit, you can reopen the no deposit account. And again, we take the profit for ourselves, and we give the company 100 dollars. You can open it a third time, but you need to consider that on one account, such a trading account can be opened no more than three times. After that, the service becomes unavailable. But these three times are enough to make out the profits, the initial capital.

LH-Crypto also has other great services. It’s not for nothing that the statistics of the number of clients is growing.